Cybex Solution S i-Fix Deep Black


The Cybex Solution S i-Fix in Deep Black is a high back booster suitable from 15-36kgs (approximately 3-12 years). Successor of the Solution S-Fix, the S i-Fix is equipped with 12 positions for height adjustment, the head protectors can be adjusted to fit your child in the most comfortable way as they continue to grow. With one-handed operation the Solution S i-Fix is easy for parents to adjust to ensure ultimate safety and comfort at the click of a button. 

Reclining Headrest

The specially patented reclining headrest ensures your child's head always stays in the safety zone even when they're sleeping. The headrest prevents your little one's head from tipping forward if they doze off, which is especially important should you find yourself in a side-on collision. 

L.S.P System 

As is standard with all Cybex car seats and carriers, the Solution S i-Fix features an integrated Linear Side-Impact Protection system that reduces the force of a side-impact collision by 25% in comparison to other leading car seats. The L.S.P System withdraws from the backrest of the Solution S i-Fix to absorb side-impact force before any contact is made with the car seat itself. 

Height Adjustable Headrest

Your child will grow a lot between the ages of 3 and 12, so the Solution S i-Fix was designed with that in mind. Featuring an adjustable headrest with 12 different height positions, the Solution S i-Fix is able to grow with your child and offers extremely long usability. The smart one-handed adjustment feature means it's easy to transition from one position to the next and the head protectors take into account the personal space of the child as they continue to grow and the headrest is adjusted. 

Ventilation System

The integrated ventilation system featured on the Solution S i-Fix allows for comfortable seat temperature during long drives and warm days. 

ISOFIX Connection

For extra stability and safety as well as easy installation, the Solution S i-Fix is equipped with ISOFIX connectors, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to easily install and remove the car seat as necessary.


Extra Wide and Deep Seat Cushion

Cybex have prioritised the comfort of your child by fitting the Solution S i-Fix with an extra wide, extra deep seat cushion, making for a comfortable and spacious ride for your child throughout the years of use. 

Reclining Backrest

The reclining backrest of the Solution S i-Fix not only provides additional comfort to your child, it also means that the S i-Fix can adjust to the seats of any vehicle. 

Energy Absorbing Shell

Coupled with the L.S.P System, the Solution S i-Fix also features an energy absorbing shell which furthers the absorption of impact inflicted on the seat during a collision, ensuring extra safety for your child should you ever find you need it. 

  • Suitable from 3 to 12 years
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Reclining headrest
  • Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P)
  • Ventilation system
  • Reclining backrest
  • Energy-absorbing shell
  • ISOFIX connection
  • Extra-wide and deep seat cushion

Age suitability: from 3 to 12 years (approx.)
Weight suitability: from 15kg to 36kg

Dimensions: 40.5cm x 50cm x 61cm 

Weight: 6.2kg

2-3 weeks delivery


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