Why a Baby Nest is an Essential Item for New Parents

Why a Baby Nest is an Essential Item for New Parents

For such small beings, babies sure do require a lot of equipment. You already most likely plan to buy - or have already bought - a carrycot, crib and Moses basket for your impending arrival, so do you really need a baby nest too?

Baby nests provide new parents with a myriad of benefits and help to ensure that your baby is as safe, cosy and comfortable as possible. This item is generally suitable from birth to six months of age, although some models can be used until your child is nine months old. 

However, a baby nest is not a substitute for a bed. It’s a comfortable place to nap, but it shouldn’t be used for overnight sleeping. Baby nests are designed to provide a safe and soothing place for your baby to rest when you are otherwise occupied; think of it as a substitute for your arms.

Let’s take a closer look at what purposes a baby nest can serve and review the benefits so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not you need one for your newest family member. 


Safety During Nap Time 

There is significant evidence to suggest that babies should sleep and nap on their backs to reduce the risk of cot death, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Research has found that stomach sleeping increases the risk of SIDS between 1.7-12.9%, so this must always be avoided. 

The raised sides of a baby nest prevent your baby from turning over onto their stomach while they are sleeping, thus setting your mind at ease.

As is the case when choosing a mattress, choose a firm, flat surface for your baby to lay upon. Avoid baby nests with memory foam, as this could increase the risk of suffocation. 


Safer Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is when parents sleep with their baby in their bed, either between them or in very close proximity. This practice is generally not recommended by doctors and healthcare officials until your child is a year old, but if you do decide to co-sleep with your new baby then a baby nest may help to reduce some of the risks. 

The raised sides of the nest decrease the likelihood that parents will roll over onto the baby during the night. Remember that you should ensure that your baby’s head is positioned above your own to reduce the risk of accidentally covering your child with the duvet whilst sleeping.


Baby Nests Are Soothing

The oval shape and raised edges of a baby nest actually resemble the mother’s womb, which is enormously comforting to babies and may help them to drift off more easily. This results in more peace and quiet for everybody during nap time, which is always a bonus. 

Even if your baby isn’t napping, placing them in a baby nest may help to soothe and quiet them when your attention is required elsewhere. It’s a cute little cocoon for your baby and, aside from your arms, it’s the most calming and comforting place for them. 


Lightweight and Convenient

Baby nests are lightweight and designed to be portable, which is great news for when you’re on the go. You can move your baby nest around the house so that you can easily keep an eye on your little one at all times. Baby nests fit perfectly on any stable surface, so they really are a very convenient way of keeping your bundle of joy safe and comfortable throughout the day. 

In addition to this, a baby nest provides your child with the comfort of a familiar environment when you take them somewhere new, be it another room in the house or a friend or relative’s home. This lessens the chances of a screaming session and keeps your child safe and happy whilst you continue with your daily activities. 



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What’s the Difference Between a Baby Nest and a Moses Basket? 

A Moses basket cannot be used for as long as a baby nest. It’s generally recommended that babies move out of their Moses baskets at 3-4 months, whilst baby nests are suitable for napping until they reach 6-9 months. 

A Moses basket is suitable for overnight sleeping and can often attach to a base, whereas a baby nest is not designed for this purpose. Whilst they are both portable and convenient options for new parents, baby nests and Moses baskets should not be used interchangeably. Baby nests are excellent for daytime naps. Meanwhile, Moses baskets are better suited for overnight sleeping if you want your child to be in the same room as you for the first few months of their life, without having to make room for a large crib. 



Baby nests are the perfect solution to ensure that your new baby is safe and comfortable during the day, whilst offering you extra convenience and flexibility as a parent. A nest provides a cosy and soothing environment for your baby to nap which helps to settle them and to create some much-needed peace and quiet for you, making a baby nest a must-have accessory to help you and your bundle of joy through the next few months. 

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