The Best Ideas for a Stylish Baby Nursery

The Best Ideas for a Stylish Baby Nursery

Creating the perfect nursery is one of the most fun and exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of your new baby. A good nursery should have a calm, soothing atmosphere so that both you and your child can bond in a relaxed and cosy environment. Furthermore, it’s important that the nursery is functional and well-organised with plenty of storage, since babies are messy and come with a lot of belongings. 

Decorating a nursery is totally different to any other room in your home and many parents stress over getting it right. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of ideas to help you create the perfect first bedroom for your new baby whether you’re expecting a boy, a girl or want to be surprised!


Nursery Essentials 

Before we dive into themes, let’s take a look at the essential furniture items you will need to furnish your brand-new nursery. 

Cot - Although it’s best for your baby to sleep in a bedside crib or Moses basket at first, you’ll need a cot for them to move into once they get to about six months old.

Not sure if you need a Moses basket, Crib or Cot? Read our How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Newborn Baby article.

Baby nest - Cosy and comfortable, baby nests are perfect for daytime naps. Best of all, they’re light and portable so that you can move them around the house and even take them to friends or relatives’ homes. 

Storage baskets - For such tiny beings, babies sure do require a lot of accessories! You’ll need plenty of storage solutions for toys and accessories to keep your nursery organised. You definitely don’t want to be tripping over scattered objects during the nighttime feed! 

Furniture - As a new parent, you’re bound to be tired. You will definitely want a feeding armchair or chaise to rest in whilst you feed your hungry bundle of joy. It’s also worth considering shelves for all of your baby’s books and a wardrobe to keep their clothing organised.


Nursery Ideas for Baby Girls 

For a traditional look, baby pink is the obvious choice for a little girl’s bedroom and many new parents opt for a princess theme. If you dream of a regal room for your impending arrival, then you may consider a whimsical canopy for her cot to add a really elegant touch. 

However, you don’t have to go down the princess route! Whilst soothing neutral or pastel colours tend to work best for a nursery, you could always adorn a single wall with a mural. Flowers, rainbows and cherry blossom trees create a cute and dreamy feel. You can then match your baby girl’s accessories to the mural for a stylish, complete look.

Pictured: Baby d'Oro Canopy's


Nursery Ideas for Baby Boys

Blues and greens work perfectly for a baby boy’s room. You can go down the pastel route for a light and airy feel or mix neutral colours with splashes of darker shades. 

Nautical themes are especially popular for little boys, and it’s refreshingly simple to implement. All you need is a blue and white colour palette and nautical themed decorative items, such as this azure boat picture. You could even create a wall sticker with your little man’s name alongside an anchor. 

On the other hand, if you prefer something more elaborate, why not go all out with a space theme? Starry walls, a solar system mobile and rocket toys will teach your little guy to dream big and reach for the stars!


Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas 

Whether you don’t want to know the sex of the baby until they’re born or simply prefer the idea of a more contemporary nursery, there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful gender-neutral bedroom for your child. 

There are many benefits to opting for a gender-neutral theme. For one thing, a gender-neutral design will stay appealing for longer. You’re less likely to grow tired of a neutral nursery or feel the need to repaint it if your little girl turns out to be a princess-hating tomboy.

For the walls, opt for neutral colours such as nudes, browns and greys. Keep the shades light to create an airy and relaxing atmosphere. You could always opt for magnolia walls and then add a darker statement wall in slate grey or navy, for example.

Animal themes tend to work well for gender-neutral nurseries and there are plenty of animal themed decorative items available. You could veer towards domestic animals and choose bunnies, cats and dogs or create a fun zoo theme for your little one.

 Pictured: Caramella nursery decor

Alternatively, minimalist monochrome nurseries are very popular right now. There’s something so chic and calming about a black and white colour palette, and it doesn’t have to be boring! Instead of using bright colours as accents, spice the theme up with funky geometric patterns. 

If black and white feels a little intimidating, then why not opt for its softer sister palette of grey and white instead? If you don’t like flashy themes and desire a serene, simple space for your bundle of joy then pair grey walls with white furniture. It’s easy, yet stylish! 

Finally, a laid back boho vibe works perfectly for any gender-neutral nursery. Woven textures, wooden furniture and non-toxic, nursery-friendly plants will help to create a fashionable yet effortless look. 


Calm, Organised and Functional

There are so many fun and creative ideas for your new baby’s nursery but whichever one you chose, remember that it should be a calm, organised and functional space where you and your baby feel safe, comfortable and happy.  

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