Introducing Cybex: Now at Unique Baby Store

Introducing Cybex: Now at Unique Baby Store

Here at Unique Baby Store, we stock only the highest quality products for you and your baby, which is why we’re proud to announce the arrival of Cybex

Cybex is an innovative and forward-thinking brand that is celebrated for its cutting-edge safety technology. Cybex products are not only designed to be safe, but also stylish and functional in order to make your life as easy as possible.

Thanks to Cybex’s sophisticated technology and close attention to detail, its products consistently receive excellent safety scores in European safety and consumer tests. In fact, Cybex has received over 450 awards for design, safety and innovation. Not bad!


Car Seats

It goes without saying that safety is of the utmost importance when buying a car seat for your child and Cybex understands this. 

In 2013, the European Union introduced the i-Size legislation, which is a new way of classifying car seats by height, instead of weight. Traditional weight-based R44 car seats are still available, but i-Size car seats offer significant safety benefits. Most notably, this type of car seat includes better protection for side and front impact which helps to prevent head and neck injuries in the event of an accident.

i-Size seats work with ISOFIX systems. ISOFIX systems are designed to reduce the risk of wrongly fitted seats. They rely on rigid connection points rather than a seat belt to give your child maximum protection. 

Cybex offers a range of super safe i-Size and ISOFIX car seats so that you can be confident that your child is as protected as possible on the road.


Aton M i-Size

The Aton M i-Size is the perfect car seat for newborn babies and will last until your child reaches 85cm tall, which should be when they are around two years old. There is a removable insert that allows newborns to lay flat, as well as head and shoulder protectors that can be adjusted as your child grows. This seat also features a UPF50+ sun canopy and is travel system compatible. The Aton M can be attached using an ISOFIX base for maximum safety.

Aton M i-Size


Aton 5 

The Aton 5 is similar to the M but it is more suitable for premature or very small babies. It features a specially designed inlay to ensure that your little one’s head, neck and chest are correctly aligned. This seat will last your child until they are approximately 18 months old.

Aton 5


Pallas G i-Size

Secure and easy to use, the Pallas G grows with your child and can last from 15 months to 12 years of age. The Pallas G uses Impact Shield technology which is proven to reduce neck injuries by 40% in the event of a collision compared to a traditional harness system. It also has a reclining headrest which is great for keeping your little one safe if they fall asleep mid-journey.

Pallas G i-Size


Solution S i-Fix

This high-backed booster seat is suitable for children between 3-12 years of age and can be easily adjusted as they grow. It features a sophisticated ventilation system and an extra deep cushion for maximum comfort and minimal moaning.

Solution S i-Fix



Ask any tired parent and they’ll tell you that it’s always worth investing in a good pushchair. Cybex has plenty of practical and durable pushchairs to make every journey enjoyable.


Balios S Lux 

The Balios S Lux is a modern pushchair with large wheels that are designed for any terrain thanks to its all-wheel suspension. The spacious seat can be adjusted to lie flat and there’s an extendable sun canopy to protect your child’s delicate skin on warm days. It also contains a shopping basket with up to 5kg capacity and it can be folded up with one hand.

Cybex Balios S Lux


Gazelle S TPE

This ergonomic stroller offers 23 different configurations and can be made into a double pushchair, so it really does grow along with your family. It is easy to use too, with a recline that can be adjusted with one hand to a lie-flat position, suitable from birth to 22kg (about four years of age). With a rain cover, a 13kg shopping basket and front wheel suspension, the Gazelle is a stylish and practical stroller that will have you prepared for any situation.


Cybex Gazelle S TPE 


The Libelle pushchair is light, portable and ultra-compact. It’s the perfect travel pushchair as it’s so easy to pick up and carry, and it weighs just 5.9kg. This pushchair is great for saving on space and can be stored in overhead compartments and under train seats when travelling too. It’s also car-seat compatible and has a reclining backrest for extra comfort.

Cybex Libelle


Here at Unique Baby Store, we’re always here to help you. If you’ve got questions about the ground-breaking Cybex range or just want to chat about what’s best for you and your little one, then get in touch with us today. We'd love to hear from you!